Protecting and safeguarding the peace of mind of people and businesses.

Surveye protects and safeguards the people, the property and every-day living places that are dear to you through guaranteed security systems that are approved under the best technological standards and designed with the dedication and passion of those who conceive and develop them.


Following the excellence of security products and services.

Surveye wants to be the benchmark of culture and excellence in the integrated security industry; an innovative company that offers the best products and that, thanks to this, grows and becomes a high-end landmark.


An essential in our profession, with an understanding of what each of us can contribute in the development of market quality.


Each level of the organisation takes own responsibility of the work it completes, and that of our suppliers, and we are aware of the impact our business has on our customers.


Striving for perfection, the desire for excellence and the best, and a commitment to ongoing improvement are fundamental values for a company that must be up-to-date and informed.


We forge close relationships with our customers based on trust and shared objectives, in the knowledge that the success of our customers is also our success. We constantly request and welcome feedback on our services to improve quality and our products.


We recognise the value of our people, respect individuality and encourage ongoing learning and continuing professional development. We are committed to creating a positive, open and harmonious atmosphere, so everyone feels motivated and contributes their best to improve the business.


Combining roles and tasks is essential for pursuing our objectives. We recognise the importance of teamwork, drawing on the skills of colleagues and making our knowledge available to everyone.


We demand practices that comply with legislation, rules and standards set out by the company to safeguard our image, reputation and service quality.


We work constantly on containing costs and minimizing waste to safeguard financial resources designed to improve company competitiveness and strengthen the ability to invest in our development.