Surveye has created a range of advanced solutions for burglar systems, fire prevention systems, access control, video surveillance and home automation systems. The company provides a full and complete service which includes advice, design and installation of the most suitable system for your home. Surveye also ensures compliance with legislation.

The cutting-edge solutions designed and provided by Surveye are all IP-rated, and with one simple interface it is possible to manage a home alarm system, monitor video surveillance cameras, and manage technologies via computer, smartphone or tablet.

In addition to a house alarm being received, it can also be managed. Accessing the video system enables areas to be monitored, and anything that may have occurred to be verified by logging on to the home video surveillance system. Additionally, with just one click it is possible to open gates, turn on lights, air conditioning and watering systems, and control internal/external building temperature.

Surveye can provide a system that protects your home from unwanted or criminal behaviour, and the possibility of managing automated functions at an affordable price. The system is easy to use and comes with an attractive graphical interface that uses the latest-generation technology.

Do you dream of being able to manage home technology systems remotely through your laptop, tablet or smartphone? You can with Surveye! Discover our extensive range of intelligent certified systems to protect your home and the safety of your loved ones.