Surveye specialises in the design and installation of advanced solutions for hotels, spas and wellbeing facilities, providing anti-theft; fire prevention; access control; video surveillance and automation systems.

These facilities can benefit from Surveye's experience in designing and installing complete systems, and the company liaises closely with customers to select the most suitable solution. The company also guarantees timely support for its installed systems and compliance with legislation.

Accommodation facilities with more than 25 beds are subject to inspections by the fire service and come under business category no. 66 in Presidential Decree of the Republic 151 of 2011.

These activities must comply with the provisions set forth in the following decrees:

Ministerial Decree of 9 April 1994, approving the technical fire-prevention rules for the construction and operation of tourist and hotel facilities, and Ministerial Decree of 14 July 2015 (Fire-prevention provisions for tourist and hotel accommodation facilities with more than 25 beds and up to 50).

The various extensions and additions to the basic law governing fire prevention are complemented by the aspect that is closely linked to the operation of the activity covered by the Legislative Decree 81/08 regarding the health and safety. In this regard, reference is made to Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1998 in connection with the responsibility of the employer in maintaining the effectiveness of the installed fire-protection systems (i.e. fire extinguishers, fire detection and extinguishing systems and compartments) over time.

In the installation decree of 20 December 2012, the legislator recognises specific UNI standards to certify compliance with the rule of art for the design, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment.

As for the fire-detection systems, the reference standards are:

  • UNI 9795: Automatic fire-detection and fire-alarm systems – Design, installation and operation
  • UNI 11224: Initial control and maintenance of fire-detection systems

Again, the employer is responsible for the verification of entrepreneurial suitability and hence the choice of the supplier in possession with the appropriate requirements to carry out the necessary maintenance and installation operations in the best possible way.