Surveye designs and installs cutting-edge anti-theft, fire detection, access control, video surveillance and automation systems for the industrial sector.

Surveye's industrial experience enables it to support companies throughout the process of purchasing a system, from choosing the most suitable type to its design and installation. The company also ensures compliance with legislation and guarantees ongoing timely support.

In logistics and industrial sectors numerous authorisations are usually required to access different departments, such as design, planning and administration. Added to these are more specific requirements:

  • use of one 'key' device for access
  • limit the replacements of locking cylinders and the uncontrolled copying of keys
  • authorise access to certain rooms for authorised persons only
  • manage complex hierarchies and multiple departments
  • protect high security areas, such as design offices or management floors
  • manage temporary access for visitors, service personnel, cleaners
  • buildings with structural issues (wiring difficulties)
  • existence of other company systems, such as canteen and clocking-in systems
  • integrate various national and international branches.

Surveye offers flexible solutions that meet all requirements and include locking cylinders with access control functions that accurately record personal ID, time and rooms visited. Visitors and service personnel can be provided with transponders or smartcards with time limits, or daily PIN codes to be entered on keypads. The system also reacts rapidly to events such as losing keys, employee dismissals etc. An individual transponder can be disabled with a simple click, therefore system failures are avoidable. The WaveNet system with 868 MHz radio operation connects different branches, ensuring the highest level of security. Even the most complex organisations can be managed and controlled by locking system management software.

Would you like to manage your company more conveniently and effectively? Take advantage of being able to monitor traffic through various work areas, even when on the move, with Surveye’s professional turnkey solutions that are innovative, high quality and easy to use.