Installing a security system is not an easy job because there are numerous aspects to be taken into consideration at a organisational, technical and legal level. With its in-house team of experts who boast years of experience in the industry, Surveye can recommend the solutions best suited to your specific needs.


Surveye directly handles all the steps involved:

step 1

context analysis

the preliminary step that is crucial to determine project specifications and sustainability according to the size, economic resources, type of intervention and degree of security to be achieved.

step 2

project development

all possible design options are outlined (performance, materials, etc.) to be presented for approval by the Customer.

step 3

installation of the system

the system is always installed and tested by the Surveye technical team. On completion of the installation, the Customer receives a report with all the design specifications and the security levels achieved (descriptions, graphic drawings and certificates of conformity).

Analysis, design and development all in one-stop shop!