A home automation system improves the quality of life, interaction and living. Surveye designs and installs home automation solutions in harmony with the habits and desires of end users, without changing the space of the house or existing systems but rather integrating them appropriately by creating natural non-intrusive and intuitive interaction.

The centralised system organizes, controls and coordinates all the resources that are useful and necessary in daily operations. The automation system provides, via a communication interface, a connection between the following equipment and with the outside:

  • security equipment: cameras; opening and motion detectors; remote controls; smoke, gas and failure detectors; video control; helpline.
  • systems for environmental comfort: heating; conditioning; groups of curtains and shutters; lighting scenarios; audio and video diffusion; environmental perfume; automated irrigation.
  • energy management devices (electricity, water and gas consumption)

The simplest solutions use ordinary pushbuttons, while the most innovative interfaces make use of touch screens and allow the use of mobile remotely.

Surveye designs, installs and maintains home automation systems. It implements integrated home automation systems for private dwellings, hotel complexes, wellness centres and spas and commercial buildings, privileging the best technologies available on the market and proposing the highest performance of system control and management. Thanks to its flexibility, know-how and expertise of its designers, Surveye ensures maximum satisfaction in terms of safety, comfort, ease-of-use and energy saving.

A home automation system controls and integrates the following systems and installations:


Home automation systems control gates, external doors and windows; detects any unwanted presence, motion sensors and cameras, and reports the intrusion by sending a simple acoustic signal and also by switching on flashing lights and sending SMS text messages. In situations of extreme danger, a sensor, a voice command, a button or a remote control can send a distress call directly to the police or trusted persons. The anti-theft system can be handled freely: for example, with a conventional system you can choose the zone where to activate the protection and at night you can activate the alarm system only in the living area and along the perimeter of the house.


LVideo surveillance automation controls the security, gives peace of mind to those who are far away and sense of protection to those inside the building. The images taken by one or more cameras can be viewed remotely via PC or mobile: you only need to touch a button and select the setting to control in real time and you can even hear what is happening in another room.


The home automation systems monitors the temperature and the presence of smoke. In the event of fire, it automatically activates the sparklers and sends help requests. The detection of a gas leak can activate the opening of the windows for air exchange, the closing of the gas solenoid valve and the switching on of the ventilation fan; in addition, it communicates the event via an acoustic or lighting signal, a telephone call, an e-mail or an SMS text message. Home automation also provides the identification of flooding and water leaks, by immediately blocking the taps and signalling the danger.


Home automation controls the centralized switching-off and timed switching-on of the lights and provides countless lighting control options, according to preset utility and priority criteria: diffused light for conversation, relaxing light for watching TV, direct light for reading, automatic light for “blind” rooms. Home automation avoids unnecessary energy waste: lighting adapts to various times of the day, while the motion sensors of the anti-intrusion system switch off the lights when the room is empty. Home automation can regulate light intensity and colour (warm or cold) to create pleasant and cosy atmospheres.


Home automation provides interaction with multi-room systems to diffuse audio and video contents in various living spaces, offering the possibility to listen to music in absolute freedom. The traditional, encumbering and unsightly electronic devices can be replaced by small local space-saving amplifiers and loudspeakers.


Home automation ensures optical air olfactory quality; aroma-diffusers can be placed in any setting to create a pleasant yet extremely natural ventilation. The diffused fragrance is calculated according to preset duration and intensity parameters.


Home automation controls the heating and the air-conditioning system of the building, measures the temperature, humidity and air quality values, provides remote control of the air conditioning and allows to programme and save energy. The system can moderate the temperature when no one is at home or where the windows are open. It can also automatically operate windows, balconies and awnings depending on the weather conditions and specific requirements of use.